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Coconut Milk Loofah Soap | Twin Birdies

Coconut Milk Loofah Soap | Twin Birdies

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This amazing soap is a trifecta of awesomeness. The loofah scrubs the day away while the specific combination of oils washes away the ickyness without drying out your skin. Lastly, the Kaolin Clay restores balance to your skin and gives it back that glow. Wait, I almost forgot! There's coconut milk! Does this make it a quad-fecta? :) This leaves your skin with a wonderful amount of moisture. I promise you will love the way you feel after using this soap- clean and rejuvenated.

Use daily for glowing, clean skin.

Handmade soap is extremely beneficial to your skin and is free of the harsh chemicals of store-bought soap. Butter Me Up Organics uses only the finest ingredients and never adds synthetic oils, fragrances or dyes. The product can be special ordered in different sizes/quantities. If ordered in bulk, please allow 4-6 weeks for the curing process.

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Completely cruelty-free

No sulfates, phthalates or parabens…ever

No synthetic dyes or fragrances

Completely all-natural and safe

Zero waste company

Packaging upcycled when possible

Everything is made with love <3

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We only ship inside the continental United States. We do not ship internationally.

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Most of our items are shipped within 1-3 days of placing your order with an additional 3-5 day delivery ETA. Yes, this includes all of our personalized items too! Also, your items may come in multiple shipments depending on the location of the fulfillment center.

Organic & top rated products...

All of our health & wellness products are organic with consistent 5-star customer ratings. We both have dealt with allergies our entire life and understand this value in wellness. We use the products we carry ourselves and want to see others with improved health as well! In addition, all of our items are made in the U.S.A.

Do you accept returns?

We typically do not accept returns on most of our items due to the personalized nature of our products. However, if you have an issue with an item in your order, we ask that you reach out to us because we can always work to find a quick solution!